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ProtectHer: Revolutionizing Education Around Sexual Assault Prevention

From award-winning filmmakers, tenured researchers, and tech entrepreneurs, the four-part ProtectHer program is made up of an ESPN-style documentary film and three shorter film pieces, all delivered with companion curriculum and the moderator guide, inspiring young men to better respect the girls and women in their lives.

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ProtectHer believes that in order to safeguard the dorm rooms, we first need to activate the power and influence of the locker rooms. There is no better way to do that than by positive storytelling highlighting the incredible guys doing it RIGHT.

Bringing in Alexis to share her ProtectHer program with our football team about the importance of respecting girls was one of the best decisions we've ever made for our players. Educating young men to be more respectful towards women isn't an option and Alexis is leading that charge.

Barry Odom
Universiy of Missouri Head Coach



Making a Difference With Our Partners

ProtectHer believes in giving back to non-profit organizations dedicated to both empowering girls and sexual assault prevention. So we have proudly partnered with I AM THAT GIRL.

I Am That Girl

About The Founder

“Alexis is the most genuine and impactful person to ever speak to this group of young men. I would do anything to help her get her ProtectHer program into more locker rooms, because her message on the importance of respecting women has never been so necessary.”

Jim Mora
Former UCLA Head Football Coach

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"Men are not just the problem, they are also the cure."

While there is endless media attention about the problem, often crucifying universities and locker rooms for sexism and sexual assault, few voices are shining a light on remedies. ProtectHer hopes to be just that.

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